The following RESPECT procedure applies to Hatherleigh Youth AFC:

  1. Where a minor RESPECT issue arises this should be dealt with on the spot by the Coach;
  2. Where a more serious breach of the code occurs and it is a first breach, the player, parent/guardian, or other person should report this to the appropriate coach (Head Coach if appropriate) and RESPECT Officer who together will agree appropriate action following FA guidance;
  3. Where a more serious breach is a second instance or part of ongoing issues, the issue should be reported to the RESPECT Officer who, together with our Welfare Officer and Head Coach, will decide on the appropriate action(s) following FA guidance;
  4. The RESPECT Officer will maintain a RESPECT Log Book recording all serious breaches and actions agreed and taken.

Serious breaches should be reported to The Club Committee (the report can be anonymized where there are safeguarding issues) where the meeting agenda will have a regular RESPECT item where issues can be discussed.