Hatherleigh Youth Football Team

Everyone in football has a responsibility to make the game Fair, Safe and Fun. Hatherleigh football team are committed to this and in line with the FA RESPECT program has worked closely with our young players to come up with the following code of conduct:

When playing football all players are expected to:

  • Listen to the coach or referee and respond appropriately
  • Communicate clearly and appropriately with the team and coach
  • Play fairly – no cheating, complaining or wasting time
  • Respect team mates, coach, referee and other teams
  • Respect the venues and equipment used at all times
  • Play by the rules as directed by the coach or referee
  • Be a supportive team member
  • Be open to both learning and sharing skills with the team
  • Be a responsible team member – by arriving prepared and when using training equipment
  • Understand and be gracious whatever the outcome – by shaking hands with the other team and referee at the end of a game
  • Be a positive team player – Remembering at all times that Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Talk to someone you trust at the club, either the Coaches or the Peer Mentor Coach if you are unhappy about anything at the club.

If the code is not followed any or all of the following actions may be taken:

  • Initial warning: a short physical sporting activity to encourage you to refocus on the game
  • Verbal warning: the coach will call you aside to speak to you about your behavior
  • Talk with parents: the coach will speak to your parents/carers about your behavior

In addition you may:

  • Be required to apologise to team mates, coach, other team or referee
  • Not be allowed to play in the next match
  • Be suspended from training for a set time
  • Be required to leave the club

The coaches and referees decision is final…please RESPECT this.