Club Rules and Guidance on Photography and Video

Hatherleigh Youth AFC encourages parents/carers to take pictures or video of their children playing football and training. Having a visual memento of our children playing and enjoying football is priceless … ‘The FA (Football Association) would like to assure parents, carers, coaches, spectators, players and local media that we encourage the taking of appropriate images of children in football’ (extract from The FA Guidance)

As an FA Affiliated Club we follow FA Guidance on taking and using photographic images and video of children and have the following specific guidance for parents, carers, spectators and club officials:

  1. Please do NOT identify a child or children by name when posting a photograph or video online or in the press, or publish any other personal details or information that will assist a third party in identifying the child.
  2. The Club does NOT allow images to be recorded in changing rooms, showers or toilets – this includes the use of mobile phones that record images.
  3. Coaches and Club Officials will from time to time photograph or video matches or training to post on our website or other media, e.g. Facebook, or to use as an aid to training. If at any point you have Safeguarding concerns about your child appearing in a photo (e.g. the child is subject to care proceedings), it is important to discuss this with your child’s Coach, our Head Coach or Safeguarding Officers who will ensure the club is made aware and appropriate and agreed action is taken.
  4. Club Officials may take photos or video at away matches but this will have been discussed with the home team Coach or Officials PRIOR to the match. Other clubs may have different policies relating to photography and without prior permission, parent/carers should NOT take photos or video.
  5. When taking photos or video, try and focus on the activity rather than the individual.
  6. Ensure that all children featured in a photo or video are appropriately dressed with a minimum of shirt and shorts.
  7. Club Officials should aim to take pictures which represent the broad range of youngsters participating safely in football e.g. boys and girls, disabled people, ethnic minority communities.
  8. Please ensure any photos or videos you take are stored securely.
  9. If you are concerned about the inappropriate use of images please report this to your Welfare Officer, Coach or Club Official.

To report potentially unlawful materials on the internet please contact: The Internet Watch Foundation Email: Telephone: 01223 237700 or The FA’s Case Management Team Email: Telephone: 0207 745 4787