Protecting our Children at Hatherleigh Youth Football

Hatherleigh Youth Football Club applies The Football Association (FA) Guidelines titled ‘SAFEGUARDING- let’s make football safe, not sorry’. We have a three-part safeguarding strategy that focuses on:

  • Getting the right people involved – seeking references and doing Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks on those working in eligible roles with children;
  • Creating a safe environment – providing education and best practice advice and guidance and promoting codes of conduct;
  • Promoting clear systems to deal with any concerns.

At Hatherleigh our Welfare and Respect Officers are supported by The Club Committee, with access to further support from Devon County FA Safeguarding Officer and FA Headquarters Safeguarding Team.

All Coaches and Executive Committee Members (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) are required to complete Safeguarding courses and to have current Criminal Record’s Check.

At matches and training we take the safety and respectful behaviour of all participants very seriously. This includes the children, officials and spectators. Injuries, and situations that could cause injury, are dealt with on the spot normally by Coaches.

The behaviour of all concerned (children; parents and officials/coaches) is paramount to teaching children the appropriate way of acting and speaking. Football can help children to work together respectfully as a team, to learn from each other and to take personal and collective responsibility. These are attributes for both citizenship and the workplace (see our Code of Conduct).

What to do in the event of a concern?

It is important that any concerns are reported to either of our Welfare Officer, Adam Hill (07443 575391

Issues relating to respect and code of conduct should be reported to our Respect Officer, Jonathan Finch (07502 749711).

Any concern is then recorded and acted upon by The Club. Once a concern is reported, we will both act upon the report and ensure that club officials and the FA are aware. If necessary, other agencies will be informed.